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Team Testimonials

Hear From Our Team Members

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Banterra offers the opportunity for a career, not just a job. Over the last 41 years, I have worked in several positions with multiple managers, and each one has truly cared about me and my advancement in this company. Now, as an Assistant Team Leader, I have the pleasure of helping others find their passion in an atmosphere where they can thrive.

Paula Baldi Portrait

Paula Baldi

Assistant Team Leader

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Banterra has a true team environment where I feel that what I do matters. It's a workplace where personal development is encouraged, and I get the opportunity to do what I do best every day. I also get to work with a lot of great people!

Ben Craft Portrait

Ben Craft

Commercial Lender

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Banterra is constantly growing and evolving as a company.  There are always new features, products and services being rolled out.  This allows for employees to gain new knowledge and provides opportunities for advancement.
Meghan Densch Portrait

Meghan Densch

Treasury Management Manager

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I have never felt more supported in a job.  I feel encouraged to succeed at work, as well as in my personal life.  I came to work for Banterra when my daughter was young, and this job has allowed me to have a successful career while also being a present mother.
Fern Martin Portrait

Fern Martin

Banking Center Manager

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There were several things that attracted me to work for Banterra, beginning with the bank’s community focus.  Southeast Missouri is dear to me and I knew that the organization I wanted to join must be a great corporate citizen.  Second was my desire to help people and work for a company that puts customers first. And lastly was financial soundness including top-rated technology, products and services offered.  Banterra marked all the boxes for me and I’m proud to be working here!
Phil Moore Portrait

Phil Moore

Team Leader

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I truly enjoy my job and career path. I laugh and smile every single day, even on my worst days. I have never worked at a place that I feel so supported and accepted.  While working for Banterra, I have gone through some tough times and incredibly happy times and I can always count on my Banterra family to be supportive and encouraging.
Lauren Singleton Portrait

Lauren Singleton

Banking Center Manager