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Supporting The Needs Of Healthcare

Banterra knows that whether you are a hospital administrator, doctor or other healthcare worker, your schedules are incredibly busy and demanding. We want to be there to support you with financial offerings with you specifically in mind. In addition to providing products and services that work well for the healthcare industry, Banterra donated more than $150,000 in 2021 to regional healthcare facilities and continue to look at opportunities to partner with this industry.

Hospital Administrators

Treasury Management Services

Banterra offers a range of cash management services including digital conveniences such as Business Online Banking, Remote Deposit and more.

Commercial Lending

Growing your hospital needs a strong financial partner who is there when you need them. Banterra has lending capabilities of $40 million per customer as well as lines of credit and equipment financing options.

Savings Products

Make the most of your money through business savings and IntraFi® Network products.

Other Services

Employee Offerings – Banterra can provide conveniences and savings to your hospital and your employees through Workforce Banking and more.

ChecXchange – Banterra offers a service that will automatically collect on your returned checks. 

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Banterra's Doctor Loan

We know the road to becoming a physician often leaves you with large amounts of educational expenses to pay.  This can make it challenging with having a down payment for a home or qualifying for a large mortgage. Banterra has created the Banterra’s Doctor Loan with these special features:

  • No down payment options (limitations apply)
  • Fixed-Rate Mortgages and Adjustable-Rate Mortgage options
  • Employment start date up to 90 days after closing allowed
  • Financing for attached or detached single-family residences
  • 100% loan-to-value available for mortgages up to $650,000

For more information on the Banterra’s Doctor Loan, contact a Banterra Mortgage Lender.

Physician's Relocation Loan

To assist a doctor with relocating costs, Banterra offers the Physician’s Relocation Loan.

  • Personal loan up to $10,000
  • Option to avoid payment up to 120 days

Stop by your local Banterra branch or contact a commercial lender to learn more.

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Banterra also several banking products that assist with healthcare services including:

Medical Advantage Personal Loan

  • Loans up to $10,000
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Quick review and approval notification
  • Online loan payments can be made on Banterra website

Health Savings Accounts

  • A personal savings account option that has tax advantages and is dedicated to medical expenses.

Digital Banking

  • Banterra’s Digital Banking offers 24/7 access to your accounts through online and mobile devices. Keep track of your personal loans, your Health Savings Account, or pay medical bills through Bill Pay.