Please Be Aware

A small number of customers have experienced fraudulent ATM transactions. We have taken immediate action to mitigate additional occurrences. We apologize for the inconvenience. Contact us at 866-226-8377.

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Fraud Detection & Positive Pay

Protect Your Business From Fraud

Fraud presents a challenge for every business. With Banterra's Positive Pay services, you'll be able to monitor your transactions, identify potentially fraudulent activity, and verify everything before it is processed. Whether it's a fraudulent check or fraudulent ACH debit, our services are tailored to protect your business. Contact us or schedule an appointment with our Treasury Management team to discuss the needs of your business. 

Positive Pay

Positive Pay can reduce your exposure to check fraud arising from counterfeit or altered checks. If a check presented for payment does not match the information from your issued check file, you will be able to view an online report each morning giving you the opportunity to have Banterra pay or return each exception.

Benefits To Your Company

  • Increased fraud protection
  • Control over whether a discrepant check should be paid
  • Convenient reporting

ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay allows you to decision real-time payments based on an approved or blocked list, providing you the control to decide which payments to accept or reject. The automated dispute resolution capability allows you to return unauthorized ACH debits quickly and efficiently.

Benefits To Your Company

  • Increased fraud protection
  • More control
  • Peace of mind