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Solar Loans

Banterra Solar Loans Program

Finance your home or small business solar needs with Banterra and pay for your panels at an easy pace. With no money down requirement, competitive rates and a fixed monthly payment, we make your dream of using renewable energy a reality.

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Solar panels installed in a Southern Illinois field.

Solar Financing for Your Energy Needs Today

You can apply online now to begin your solar loan1 process.  After clicking on “Apply Now”, you will complete a short form and will be contacted by a Banterra Solar Loan Representative within two business days to complete the solar financing process. Information we will need from you includes:

  • Proof of real estate ownership (Property Tax Bill) - A Banterra representative can access this through public records for you
  • Income Verification - Current YTD paystub, W2, tax return, or verified direct deposit to a Banterra checking account
  • Loan fee plus applicable filing fee

Apply Now

Someone writing a check to purchase solar loans.

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Solar Loan Program Benefits

  • No money down; 100% financing
  • Competitive rates and fixed monthly payments
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Federal and state renewable energy incentives
  • Lower monthly payment option – use your tax credits to pay on your loan for lower monthly payments, with no need to refinance and no additional fees2

Federal Renewable Energy Incentives

The (Federal) Investment Tax Credit (ITC)3, also known as the Federal Solar Tax Credit, allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. The ITC applies to both residential and commercial systems, and there is no cap on its value.

State Renewable Energy Incentives


With Illinois Shines Renewable Energy Credits, incentives are available that may lower the cost of your solar PV system. Based on energy generated, the credits are issued as a lump-sum payment to the solar array owner. These credits may reduce the solar PV system costs by approximately 30% to 50%.


Indiana offers a state property tax deduction for the installation of solar or wind technologies. For more information, contact your county tax office or the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.


Kentucky offers a favorable net metering policy that requires utilities to give you credit for any surplus production from your solar PV system.


Utility companies are required to meet a certain Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to encourage Missouri homeowners to go solar with rebates and discounts. Additionally, solar homeowners are exempt from property tax increases that result from installing solar panels.

Solar Financing Questions?

Contact a Banterra Solar Loan Representative at 1-866-BANTERRA (226-8377), extension 16013 or email us.

Terms and conditions include:

1 Loan offer is for residential and small business only; see lender for details. Minimum loan requirement is $10,000. Income verification required (current YTD paystub, W2, tax return, or verified direct deposit to Banterra ODA). Ownership of real estate to be confirmed by property tax bill. This webpage is for informational purposes only, is not an offer of financing terms nor a commitment to provide financing for recipient or pictured and described property. Loan approval is subject to credit approval and program guidelines. Not all loan programs are available in all states for all loan amounts. Interest rate and program terms are subject to change without notice. Property insurance is required.

2 To utilize your tax credit for your solar loan and lower your monthly payments, simply visit your nearest Banterra branch and sign a simple document to revise the loan.

3 Consult your tax advisor and solar company to learn more.