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Remote Deposit

Make Deposits On Your Time

As a business owner, you have a lot of things on your plate each day, so you’re always looking for ways to improve efficiency and streamline processes. Banterra can give you the tools to do exactly that with our remote deposit services. Now, instead of making trips to the bank to deposit checks, you can make deposits from your office using a desktop scanner. To learn more about how Remote Deposit can be set up for your business, stop by your local Banterra branch or contact us today.

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Remote Deposit Benefits

When you work with Banterra for remote deposit, we’ll handle all the setup of the equipment and software while making sure you and your employees are trained properly. Once installed, remote deposit’s benefits include:

  • Improved security on transactions
  • Digital records and reporting available for deposit history
  • Faster processing times for improved cash flow
  • Reduced travel times for employees
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Treasury management services like remote deposit have helped make my job easier. I know I can count on Banterra to keep me up-to-date on technology and train me on how to use it. They are always looking for ways to improve service for their clients and it shows!

- Patricia Pass
Pass One Hour Heating and Air
Herrin, IL

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