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Making Payments

Streamline Your Payments

Whether it’s paying your employees for payroll or paying vendors, you can benefit from working with Banterra for your accounts payable services. Our payment services include direct deposit, automated clearing house (ACH) payments and wire transfers. All of these payment services are focused on adding efficiency and ease to your processes so you can free up your own time and your staff’s time. If you want to make it easier to manage your business’s payments, stop by your local branch or contact us today to speak to a Banterra Treasury Management Representative.

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Direct Deposit Services

Automate your payroll processes with the convenience of Direct Deposit. With direct deposit, your employees’ pay is electronically transferred to their bank account on payday. This means no more printing checks for your office staff, and your employees don’t have to deposit their checks themselves.

ACH Payments

Banterra’s ACH services allow you to make your payments electronically. This means everything associated with your payments can be automated so payments can be processed faster. All you have to do is provide an ACH disbursement file and the items will be distributed to payees as a single debit from your business’s account. This eliminates the cost of paper payment systems gives you more control over your cash flow. ACH disbursements can be used for:

  • Vendor payments
  • Direct deposit
  • Expense reimbursements