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Carbondale, IL

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Carbondale, IL 62901

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Carbondale, home of Southern Illinois University, has a population of 21,484 and is in Jackson County.  Rt. 13, a major east-west state route in Southern Illinois, runs through Carbondale, as well as Rt. 51, a north-south route that runs from the Ohio River to Wisconsin boarder.  It is 14 minutes from I-57.

Carbondale Bank - Banterra Location Highway 13

Banterra established a branch in Carbondale in 1993 and its current branch is located in the west section of town at 1500 W. Main Street.  It is located next to Ward Chrysler Center and across the street from Lenus Turley Park.

Carbondale’s history began in August 1852 when Daniel Harmon Brush, John Asgill Conner and Dr. William Richart bought a 360-acre parcel of land between two proposed railroad station sites (Makanda and De Soto) and two county seats (Murphysboro and Marion).  The town was platted on November 27, 1852 and was named Carbondale for the large deposit of coal in the area. The proposed Southern Illinois railroad stop would now be located in Carbondale, with the first train through the town coming from Cairo in 1854.  By the Civil War, Carbondale was incorporated as a village and had developed as a regional center for transportation and business, with train loads of coal and fruit from its orchards being sent to other areas of the country.

This area of Southern Illinois is sometimes referred to “Little Egypt” – likely due to the region supplying grain to other regions of Illinois during the 1800s famine and also comparing Illinois southern tip where Ohio and Mississippi Rivers meet (where Cairo is located) to Egypt’s Nile delta region.

About Southern Illinois University

Carbondale had become an education center, as well as transportation and business, with a teachers college - Carbondale College in 1866.  In 1869, the Illinois General Assembly approved to have this become the second state-supported normal school in Illinois and changed the name to Southern Illinois Normal College; it would open that same year.  It grew to become one of the largest teachers colleges in the state.  In 1943, it began to offer graduate-level course work and in 1947, it was renamed Southern Illinois University. 

About SIU Saluki Athletics

While basketball was played at Southern Illinois Normal University as early as 1904, an official men’s basketball team would not form until 1913 (?).  That same year, the first official season of Southern Illinois Normal College football took place and SIU became a member of the Illinois Intercollegiate Athletic Conference until 1962. Today, the school is a member of the Missouri Valley Conference in most sports. 

SIU’s sports mascot is the Saluki, one of the oldest dog breeds, dating back 6,000 years and is an Egyptian hunting dog.  From 1913 to 1951, SIU teams were known as the “Maroons”, but renamed Salukis due to breed’s connection with Egypt and the region known as “Little Egypt.”

Banterra Center SIU Salukis Basketball in Carbondale

On May 16, 2019, Banterra entered a naming-rights agreement with SIU, with the SIU Arena being renamed to Banterra Center.  The multi-million-dollar deal, which included payments plus affinity program, offered up to $10 million for SIU and would be the largest corporate naming-rights agreement for SIU in its 150-year history and the first naming-rights agreement for a SIU athletic facility.

Other schools in Carbondale include Carbondale District 95 which includes Carbondale Middle School, Parrish School, Thomas School and Lewis School and Carbondale High School District 165.  Outlying districts that feed into Carbondale Community High School include Giant City, Unity Point and DeSoto.  Private schools include Carbondale New School and Brehm Preparatory School.  The school teams are the Carbondale Terriers.

Carbondale is near Giant City State Park, a 4,000-acre state park in Jackson and Union Counties and named for its massive sandstone structures formed 12,000 years ago.  It is part of Shawnee National Forest and attracts more than 1.5 million visitors a year.

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