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Eldorado, IL

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1501 U.S. Hwy. 45 S.
Eldorado, IL 62930

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  • Phone: 618-273-2242

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Eldorado has a population of 3,598 is located in Saline County in Southern Illinois, approximately 30 minutes from the Ohio River.

Eldorado Bank - Banterra Location Hwy. 45

Banterra established a branch in Eldorado in 1993.  It is located at 1501 U.S. Hwy. 45 S., down the road from Jim Hayes’ Car Dealership and before you arrive to Banterra’s Corporate Building and McDonald’s.  Banterra supports several Eldorado community events including Eldorado Town and Country Days and Eldorado Men’s Club July 4th Event.

Eldorado was first platted in 1858, with a post office established that year.  Businesses would soon follow, but the village would not be incorporated until 1870.  It is founded by Francis Elder and his neighbors, brothers William and John Reed.

The town’s spelling is spelled as if it were Spanish, but the original spelling was “Eldereado” which was a combination of the two last names of the founders.  According to legend, it was changed permanently when a sign painter for the railroad painted the name incorrectly as “Eldorado” on the train depot.

Eldorado had several railroads coming through town including The Illinois Central, The Louisville and Nashville, and The Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati and St. Louis.  The community thrived as a coal mining town for much of the late 1800s to early 1980s, when several major mines shut down.  Banterra Bank, which has more than 40 locations in six states, is headquartered in Eldorado and has nearly 500 employees throughout its footprint.

Eldorado Community Unity School District #4 includes an elementary, middle and high school and is home to the Eldorado Eagles.  Southeastern Illinois College, which has approximately 5,000 students and employees nearly 150 individuals, is eight minutes from Eldorado.  Banterra is a proud supporter of these schools.

Thank You for Choosing Banterra Bank in Eldorado, Illinois 

Banterra Bank knows you have your choice of Eldorado banks. Through attentive customer service and products that help you manage your finances well, we work hard to earn your business. Thank you for choosing Banterra Bank and the Eldorado branch.