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Fraudsters are contacting customers by text or phone call, asking for Digital Banking credentials and impersonating Banterra. THIS IS A SCAM, do not respond to them and contact us at 866-BANTERRA (226-8377), option 6. Click here to learn more.

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Simplify Collecting Returned Checks

Banterra understands that running a business often requires the need to collect your hard-earned money in a timely manner. That’s why we’re pleased to offer this simple and valuable enhancement to your business account. ChecXchange™ is a service which automatically collects your returned checks. Banterra is pleased to offer this service, which is in partnership with Money Transfer Systems, the leader in electronic check recovery. ChecXchange greatly increases your recovery of bad checks, at no cost to you and you don’t do a thing! Contact Banterra to learn more.

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ChecXchange FAQs

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How will checXchange™ notify me that a check has been returned?
When and how does checXchange™ provide reimbursement?
How much does checXchange™ cost?
Then how does checXchange™ make money?
Why should I use checXchange™?
Will checXchange™ save me money?
What other businesses use checXchange™?
What must a merchant do to inform customers?
How do I contact checXchange™?