Did you know April is Financial Literacy Month? Here are some tools, tips and resources to help improve financial literacy, as well as promote financial well-being.

How To Observe Financial Literacy Month 

1. Get Your Knowledge Of Financial Literacy In Check 
The best way you can observe and take advantage of Financial Literacy Month is to review your attitude and actions towards your finances. Take this month to research ways to better your knowledge as well as tips to implement into your financial habits. Knowledge is power - use your knowledge of finance to apply now in life rather than later. 

2. Critique Your Personal Finances 
Being financially literate is important, but how you implement that knowledge is key to your financial success. You can critique your personal finances by re-working your budget, finely weeding through your spending and comparing your savings to your goals. Maybe it is time to take a class or work with a financial advisor. 

3. Raise Awareness About Financial Literacy
During Financial Literacy Month, a big component of learning is to share knowledge. The pandemic affected us all financially one way or another. Collaborate with others to share knowledge as well as learn something new to apply to your personal finances. 

Facts You Should Know About Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Month is a great reminder to brush up on your financial literacy and to spread awareness. National Today has shared many facts about financial literacy in hopes to encourage a desire to learn and build upon our financial knowledge. 

  1. One out of five students lack basic financial literacy skills. 
  2. 54% of student loan holders don’t know much, if anything, about their future payments. 
  3. According to a national survey, only 20% of adults have participated in some sort of financial education. 

Why We Observe Financial Literacy Month

Observing Financial Literacy Month allows us to gain knowledge of areas we can improve in our own financial education. 

1. Educate Yourself 
Educating yourself on finance can give you more financial freedom, as well as confidence in getting your life on track. 

2. Finance Is Evolving 
The world is constantly evolving, so it is important to brush up on your financial literacy often so we can apply it to our personal finances. 

3. Share Knowledge
Financial Literacy Month is a time to learn and share smart ways to make, save and spend our money. 

Finance is a big part of our lives. Take advantage of Financial Literacy Month to get your finances and knowledge of finance in check. Being financially literate is very important and learning some new tips and tricks could help you accelerate your knowledge to new heights and potentially save a little more. If you are ready to take the next steps with your finances, open a checkingsavingsloan or retirement account with Banterra Bank today.

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