August 14th is National Financial Awareness Day. In this blog, we will highlight what financial awareness is, what Financial Awareness Day entails, and some top ways you can celebrate it. Do you need to get your financials under control? Do you have a budget and know where every penny is going? Would you like to become more financially stable? This blog is for you! 

What is Financial Awareness Day? 

National Financial Awareness Day falls on August 14th. This day is a good reminder to examine your finances and your financial habits. Doing this allows you to work toward financial stability to best prepare for your future. National Financial Awareness Day is a holiday dedicated to pushing individuals to improve or develop better financial principles and practices in their day-to-day life. Building a solid financial future is extremely important for where you are currently at in life and when you reach retirement.  


National Financial Awareness Day is the perfect reminder to stop waiting to prioritize your finances and start working on better habits. Take this day to examine your current financial situation, set goals, and learn something to become more financially aware. National Financial Awareness Day celebrates investment practices – encouraging you to allow your money to work for you to eventually spend less time working and more time accomplishing other goals you may have in life.  


What Should Financial Awareness Day Teach Us?  

National Financial Awareness Day is meant to teach us that financial awareness doesn’t have to be overwhelming or hard. The holiday is a reminder that finances can be very manageable at whatever stage of life you are in. Financial literacy is not as out of reach as it may seem, when designating some time to learn you will find it to be very straightforward with sound principles to help you turn daily habits into success.  


Wanting to improve your financial awareness? Here are some free online courses you can take:  


Best Ways to Observe National Financial Awareness Day 

Take National Financial Awareness Day as an opportunity to gain knowledge and financial growth. How should you observe the holiday? Here are some ideas:  


  • Seek financial knowledge 

  • Join a financial club (investments, money management, money, financial literacy, etc.) 

  • Read a personal finance book or blog 

  • Speak with a financial advisor 

  • Make financial money moves (re-work your budget, open a savings account, open an investment account, put your money towards retirement, start an emergency fund, increase your retirement contribution)  

  • Consolidate high-interest debt 

  • Make small changes in your spending habits; acknowledge bad habits and set goals to change them 


If you are looking to make good financial decisions and better your financial literacy, National Financial Awareness Day is the perfect excuse to get started. Take this time to reflect on your finances and educate yourself to make smart financial decisions and money moves, you will be extremely glad you did.  

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