Our phones go everywhere we go. We use them to communicate with our loved ones, take photos, post on social media, monitor our bank accounts and more. Now, your smartphone can also serve as a payment option for you with its digital wallet capabilities. Whether your smartphone is Apple, Google, or Samsung, it can support a digital wallet application, and provide many benefits. Let’s look at why digital wallets are the payment process of the future.  

Faster Purchasing 

Speed is the main convenience offered by your mobile wallet application. Instead of taking out your card and inserting it into the chip reader or sliding it through the card terminal, you simply open your card over the contactless terminal, and it will scan your card through your phone. When making online purchases, you can save even more time because your wallet app will auto-populate your billing address. All of this means you can make your purchases in just seconds. It’s really that simple.  

Simplify Card Management 

If you keep multiple credit and debit cards in your wallet, your digital wallet can help cut down on clutter. Additionally, your mobile wallet app makes it easy to add your cards. You can manually enter your card number, expiration date, and security code or simply use your phone’s camera to scan your card. 

Secure Purchasing 

Whether you’re a little hesitant to hand your card over to someone in a checkout line or worried about a card terminal being hacked, digital wallet purchases offer an extra layer of security. Even when making purchases online, you must verify your purchase using something like Face ID, a fingerprint or a lock screen code.  

Accountability With Your Purchases 

Tracking your purchases is easy with your mobile wallet app. Not only will your purchases be available for viewing in online and mobile banking, but your wallet app also allows you to see all the transactions you’ve completed.  

To learn more about how to set up your digital wallet, select your provider. Banterra supports: 

For further questions, visit Banterra’s frequently asked questions list, and select “Digital Wallet.”  

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