Summertime is always busy with potlucks, gatherings, and BBQs. Don’t waste time or bust the budget on your dish - dig into these sweet, savory, and delicious recipes to bring to your next summer outing. 


Dips are easy to make and a crowd favorite. Here are four dip recipes to feed a crowd on a budget.  

  1. Corn Dip – This five-minute recipe will save you time, money, and be a crowd favorite. Use up your sweet corn in this delicious Midwest dish. If you enjoy spice, add in your preference of hot sauce or red pepper flakes. View this recipe.  

  1. Corn Dip Option Two - Cowboy Caviar Dip, also known as Texas Caviar, this veggie-filled dip is full of fresh ingredients and is a potluck hit. The best part is that you can follow the recipe or tweak it to your liking. View this recipe. 

  1. Spicy Feta Dip – For those who enjoy some spice with subtle sweetness, the Spicy Feta Dip is for you. This recipe takes roughly 40 minutes including chill time. View this recipe.  

  1. Spinach Dip – This savory spinach dip is full of cheesy goodness. Throw it in a crockpot and let it sit until your event. View this recipe.  


Salads are a healthy and simple option to bring to an outing. These recipes are quick to make and super refreshing. 

  1. Strawberry Spinach Salad – This salad is filled with light leafy greens and fresh fruit. It's simple, delicious, elegant, and perfect for a hot summer day. View this recipe. 

  1. Broccoli Salad – Swap out the leafy greens for a change with fresh broccoli and your favorite toppings. View this recipe. 

  1. BLT Pasta Salad - BLTs are the sandwich of summer, transform this traditional sandwich into a quick and tasty salad. View this recipe.  


The spread is just not complete without dessert. When you’re headed to a barbecue, these sweet delights will not disappoint.  

  1. Poke Cakes – Infused poke cakes are a hit and so easy to make. Rather than just one recipe, check out a variety of flavorful options to infuse your next poke cake. View recipes. 

  1. Cheesecake In A Jar – This decadent recipe is easy to transport and great for leftovers. Whether you are headed to the beach or a BBQ, this delightful recipe is perfectly portable for any occasion. View this recipe.  

  1. Banana Split Lasagna – If you love no-bake desserts, this one is a must-try. On a hot summer day, these five layers of goodness will be sure to cool you off and win the crowd. View this recipe.  

Grab a plate and dig into these tasty potluck favorites. We know how busy summer can get, so don’t break the budget on complex recipes to feed a crowd. These shareable dips, salads, and desserts are sure to be a hit at your next summer shindig. 

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