As we have welcomed the second half of the year, now is the perfect time to assess your business’s financial goals, big or small. At Banterra Bank, our business loans and financing options can help you strategize for year-end growth. We understand the unique challenges small businesses face and our team is dedicated to providing you with financial solutions that will suit your needs best. Join us as we discuss the available options that can fuel your year-end growth. 

Small Business Loans  

Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are perfect for helping small businesses achieve year-end growth. These loans are commonly used for working capital needs, expanding operations, purchasing equipment, increasing inventory, and much more. For more information about our loans, visit our website or schedule an appointment with our team.  

Small Business Lines Of Credit  

Ensure that your business will have what you need to thrive and grow at any time of year with a line of credit. Build credit for your business, only borrow what you need, and only pay interest on what you borrow with a line of credit from Banterra. Not sure if a line of credit will help you achieve your year-end goal? Our lending team is ready to discuss different lines of credit that will best optimize your business’s growth. 

Business Loans  

Business loans are great for those who are looking to start or expand their business. Our expert team of business lenders can help you find a loan option that will help you grow and reach your year-end goals. Below is a list of business loans Banterra offers.  

  • Short-Term Loans  

  • Inventory Financing  

  • Business Acquisition Loans 

  • Refinance or Consolidation Loans 

  • Agriculture Operation Loans  

Business Credit Cards  

We offer a variety of business credit card options that, depending on your needs, can help your business achieve financial goals this year. Experience features such as free online expense reporting tools, mobile payment capabilities, no fees for additional employee cards and more with our business credit cards.  

Online Banking And Account Management  

At Banterra Bank, we offer online cash management tools that can help you effectively manage your business’s finances. Our cash management tools provide businesses with the ability to seamlessly manage their cash flow, track expenses, analyze trends, and more. This can be crucial as you begin to make decisions to optimize your growth.  

Our comprehensive range of business loan and financing options can help you unlock your full growth potential. Contact our business lending team and let us be your trusted partner as you embark on the path of growth and profitability this year.