With more people online ever than before, the risk has been heightened as well. Employees may be remote, using unsecure networks or not know the correct online safety practices to protect your business. Because of this, Banterra Bank wants to share some cybersecurity tips to protect your business!

Train Your Employees

Have training sessions with your employees to make sure they know how to stay secure. Show them proper web browsing techniques, what to do with a suspicious email, look out for social media scams, keep passwords updated, don’t leave passwords written on your phone or desk papers, and so on. There’s online programs or companies you can use for this training if you want to make sure you are being as safe as possible.

Back Everything Up

Not only can information be stolen or held for ransom, but your computer could also crash or be physically taken. Then all data and files on that computer are lost forever or in the hands of someone who could do harm with that information. Use an external drive to backup everything you need or utilize a cloud storage system.

Install Security Software

For your business, it’s important not to utilize a free anti-virus software. You get what you pay for – so you can’t afford to not be fully protected when it comes to your business. Some free software can also contain malware which puts you at risk immediately once it’s downloaded.

Don’t Mix Personal & Professional

With employees and business owners also working from home, it’s easy to just want to use your work computer for personal use as well. Downloading some forms to email for personal use on your work laptop may seem harmless or vice versa of storing business info on a personal computer. However, this opens sensitive data on both ends to be shown to the wrong person.

Use Different Passwords

We know you’ve heard this a hundred times BUT you need to be told again – use different, unique passwords. Yes, it can get tough to have so many different passwords, but it will protect you if one is compromised so that ten other logins can’t be breached as well. Be sure to change these passwords in regular intervals, too.

Update Regularly

All computers and systems will work best if they are regularly updated. Just like how the apps on your phone require updates so frequently, computer software does too. Make sure that when you are asked to restart or update, that you do so to prevent not being on the most up to date version.

We hope these helpful cybersecurity tips make your business a little more secure! Contact us if you have any questions regarding services for your business. And for more security tips, click here!

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