The holiday season is coming up and everyone is getting excited about the most magical time of the year. As fun as the holidays are, they also come with some high expenses. The key to the holiday season being as least stressful as possible is to plan ahead and start saving money as early as you can. Saving money now will make it seem like less of a burden when the holiday season arrives and will allow you to enjoy the holidays with friends and family without the worries of money. We are going to share with you five tips to start saving money for the holidays.  

1.Set A Budget 

You are going to want to know roughly how much you will need for the holidays. Think about travel, gifts, and events and how much you think you will need for each one.  You can easily do this in a notebook or a document on your phone or computer. There are many budget planning templates available online like this one.   

2. Start Saving Early 

Starting to save money as early as you can will give you plenty of time to budget and save. It will also give you time to start thinking about gifts you want to buy and see if there are any deals available to make some of the costs a little less.  

3. Set Up A Holiday Savings Account  

Setting up a savings account just for the holidays will make it easier to save and less tempting to accidentally spend that saved money early.  If you don’t want to set up an entire savings account, you could try making cash envelopes. You can label these envelopes depending on each category you want to save for and then use your budget sheet to determine how much money you need to put in the envelopes each week/month/day.  

4. Cut Back On Expenses  

It may be helpful to look at your banking statements from the last couple of months and see if there are any spending items you could cut out for the next couple of weeks/months as the holiday season is approaching. Cutting spending in small areas like a subscription you might not use as much or choosing to eat out less will make a large impact on your saving abilities.  

5. Make A Plan 

When it is time to finally spend the money you have been saving for the holiday season, make sure that you have planned out what you need to buy to find the best deals and reduce the risk of overspending. This will also help you plan out gifts as well as any traveling you plan to do this holiday season.  

Overall, the holidays will come sooner than we think. Planning ahead will take away some of the financial stress that comes along with holidays. Take the time this year to plan and start saving money now so that you can have a fun and relaxing time with friends and family this holiday season.