Remote work isn’t going anywhere – if anything, it’s becoming more and more “normal” for businesses everywhere. While there are lots of pros to working from home, there are also some difficulties employees may face. Whether you are a boss or leader hoping to keep your employees engaged or are an employee trying to figure out how to stay involved, these tips are here to help. 

1. Continue having social events and interaction.

If your remote workers can’t meet in person due to reasons like distance, it’s important to still find ways to promote social interaction. Team building activities and a social hour can be done virtually, too. If possible, even if it’s only an annual thing, find a day to get everyone together in person for a company retreat or get-together to strengthen team connections. 

2. Keep everyone in the loop.

Don’t let your remote employees feel disconnected from the rest of the team. Since office talk is where a lot of communication occurs, make sure you keep your remote employees updated on the latest news, projects, goals and updates. This can be done through short daily meetings via video chat. 

3. Build trust with your employees.

A lot of employee satisfaction stems from building and maintaining trust. A good way to keep the trust is to offer flexibility within the workweek. Remember, employees are juggling more than just working from home now. Some may be parents who need to help with remote learning. All will have normal distractions in a home environment such as receiving shipments or communicating with service providers. What’s important is keeping them engaged and trusting them to accomplish the task assigned. 

4. Give them the option to work in the office, too.

If possible, allowing your employees to come into the office occasionally is very beneficial. This allows them to feel connected to their coworkers and keeps everyone more productive. A good balance is working from home three to four days a week and coming into the office the other days. 

5. Ask for feedback.

Constructive criticism is beneficial for both employees and their bosses. Sometimes it’s nice to ask your remote employees how you’re doing as a leader and what you can do to make them feel more engaged.  

6. Support, train and communicate with your new hires.

Don’t let your new remote hires get lost in the shuffle! It’s hard to make training a priority when they’re not in the office, but make sure you take enough time to make them feel comfortable with their new position. Assigning someone to be their mentor is a great way to ease them in and make them feel like part of the family. 

7. Build meaningful relationships.

Showing your employees that you care about them even beyond the workplace is important for employee satisfaction. Make time to talk to them about things like their family and hobbies. Check in to see how they’re doing mentally and ask how you can help their work life be more enjoyable. 

With remote work becoming more and more common, learning about how to engage a team of remote employees is going to be beneficial for the future of the company you work for or lead. Don’t forget to check out our website to learn about the financial services Banterra has to offer and contact us with any questions! 

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