In the last couple of months, it is no secret that gas prices have skyrocketed. Let’s face it, our pockets feel some pain after we fill up our gas tanks. Here are some top tips to save some money on gas this summer.  

1. Find The Cheapest Gas With Mobile Apps And Rewards  

There is an app for nearly everything – even to help you save a few bucks on gas. It’s the worst when you stop to fill your tank and then later see a stop that has it priced significantly cheaper. The big tip is to not wait until your tank is empty. Getting gas where it is convenient (in the middle of town or an exit off the highway) tends to be the most expensive.  

Do your research and plan when and where you’ll get your gas. Each gas station has a rewards program, sign up to keep an eye on the prices and build up rewards.  

Check out these mobile apps:  

1. Upside 

2. GasBuddy  

3. Waze  

2. Fill Up Your Tank Earlier In The Week 

We all tend to have weekend plans that result in a trip to the gas station. If you can, avoid filling up your gas tank on or towards the weekend, specifically Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Instead, fill up your gas tank towards the beginning of the week, such as on a Monday or a Tuesday. Gas prices earlier in the week tend to be significantly lower than they are near the weekend.  

3. Plan Your Routes  

As mentioned before, not appropriately planning when and where you get gas can result in choosing the more expensive and convenient gas station. As you look ahead to make your weekly plans also look to plan your routes. Planning and coordinating your outings not only saves you time but cuts mileage to save you a fill-up or two. If you can coordinate your errands to one day rather than spaced throughout the week, you’ll cut your weekly miles in half.  

Implement sharing a ride with a co-worker or friend if you have similar schedules near each other. Swapping driving duties, especially if there are kids involved will help reduce several miles.  

4. Get A Banterra Visa Credit Card  

When you fuel up, use a credit card that allows you to earn rewards points when you purchase gas. Choosing the right credit card is easier than ever. We want to save you money this summer on gas. Apply now for your Banterra Bank Visa Credit Card that offers 2x reward points for gas stations.  

5. Reduce Your Air Conditioning Usage 

Summer can get warm. Don’t blast you your A/C too much as it can affect your fuel economy. When you are driving slowly, this is the time to cool your vehicle. As you speed up you may be better off without the A/C on or the windows rolled down.  

6. Use Cruise Control To Your Advantage 

Cruise control has many benefits to saving gas over time. Did you know that when you speed up you use more gas? As you speed up or slow down, the key is to be gradual. Use cruise control to your advantage to maintain a consistent speed to save on fuel usage and from getting a speeding ticket. Where cruise control can hurt you is if there are many stops or factors that may change in speed – such as a hilly or bumpy area.  

7. Prep Your Vehicle For Success 

The condition of your vehicle can affect your gas consumption. Here are a few things to do to ensure your ride is smooth and your gas consumption is steady. 

  • Check your tire pressure 

  • Check your gas cap to avoid evaporated gas 

  • Remove extra weight in or on your vehicle

  • Utilize the correct oil when getting oil changes

  • Get your vehicle serviced on time 

Gas prices have taken a toll on all of our budgets this spring. Incorporate these tips and tricks into your routine as the temperature rises and our schedules get even busier. 

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