As the world becomes more dependent on online services and solutions, identity theft continues to rise. During Identity Theft Awareness Week, Banterra Bank wanted to highlight the following identity theft tips to help prevent you from becoming a victim of identity theft.

1. Sign Up For Alerts

Having alerts notify you via email, text and call is the perfect way to catch identity theft quickly. For example, Banterra’s Digital Banking allows you to set up alerts, so you can be notified with certain criteria within your accounts.

2. Review Monthly Statements

Having online statements allows you to easily view your bank statements monthly to help you identify any discrepancies.

3. Bring In Mail Daily

Leaving your mail in the mailbox or right side up on your car seat creates the chance for someone to get your name, address, and banking statement information. Always be sure to check your mail and don’t leave it out where others can see it.

4. Change Passwords Frequently

Remember to change passwords frequently and have different passwords. For example, if someone obtained your Facebook password, they could then very easily get into your banking account if credentials were the same.

5. Shred Documents

Always shred documents with your information on them. Someone can come across your info and steal your identity if you don’t discard this information properly.

6. Keep Devices Updated

Have antivirus software on your computer and be sure to visit your settings on your phone and laptop each month to push any updates that haven’t been completed yet. This keeps your device and apps up-to-date with current versions.

7. Do Not Save Your Information On Forms Online

Having your credentials and credit card information auto saved online makes it easy to buy your next item. However, if someone accesses your phone, computer or even gets into your Amazon account remotely, they will now be able to see your information and credit card number, so avoid saving your information online.

8. Freeze Your Credit

Did you know you can freeze your credit with all three major credit bureaus? This restricts access to your records so that new credit files or utility services cannot be opened in your name. If you become aware that your data has been compromised, it is advisable to freeze your credit as soon as possible.  Consumers report millions of identity fraud incidences each year, so be sure to protect your sensitive information from being used in these schemes.

We hope you take these tips seriously in order to prevent identity theft and unwanted charges to your account. For more resources and recent scam alerts, view our Privacy & Security page to learn more.

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