Insurance is a factor of life. Everyone needs insurance but when we look at the big picture, there are many different types, and it can be overwhelming making sure you are set up for success. With that being said, Banterra Insurance would like to offer help with this. Here are our tips for those who may be new to insurance, so you can figure out what types of insurance you need. 

Vehicle Insurance

You need vehicle insurance no matter what type of vehicle you drive. This can be for a car, motorcycle, RV or boat. We offer a variety of coverages to provide the protection you need for your vehicle, passengers and yourself. Looking for a quote? Banterra Insurance can provide a quick quote to satisfy your insurance requirements.  

Home Insurance

Whether you own your home, rent or have a condo, home insurance is a must. Home insurance can cover your property dwelling and other structures on that property as well as the personal possessions within. Another side of home insurance is personal liability. What if someone slips and falls on your property? Will you have enough cash to pay for all their medical bills? Home insurance covers this. . (Instead of this.  many perils that can endanger your home.) 

Agribusiness Insurance

Agribusiness is the cornerstone of Banterra’s heritage. Here are just a few types of agribusinesses we serve: grain, tree farms, dairy, livestock, row crops, equine and orchards. If your operation is not on this list, we are happy to provide you a quote to make sure your livelihood is covered. We understand farmers needs and support them to provide top insurance. Agribusiness insurance can cover property and liability claims, commercial auto, workers’ compensation and more. 

Life Insurance

You or a loved one could pass away instantly. Make sure your family is taken care of no matter what with life insurance. We offer Term Life, Universal/Whole Life and Disability. Term Life allows you to have temporary protection for your loved ones for a specific timeframe of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. Universal/Whole Life is a highly competitive, flexible and permanent protection guaranteed death benefit with strong cash accumulation. Disability provides coverage in case you are not able to work due to sickness or injury.  

Health Insurance

Life changes every day and your health needs do as well. You want to make sure you have strong health coverage so you don’t need to worry about how a bad health experience would affect your finances. We offer Medicare Supplemental Insurance for senior citizens as well as Long-Term Care Insurance to help cover long-term services in different settings like your home or a facility. 

Business Insurance

Owning a business means you need to protect that business. This is why you would want Property, Business Continuation, General Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance depending on what business you are operating. Business Property Insurance includes repairs or reconstruction due to damages to your building and can also include the loss of any business property. Business Continuation is important for succession planning. Liability Insurance is critical to any business, despite the type of industry – you will want this insurance to help cover your costs for defense, court and beyond. Workers’ Compensation provides coverage for accidents and injuries that occur to your employees. 

With Banterra Insurance, you can get a policy utilizing a wide array of coverage options from a variety of the nation’s leading insurance brands. Be sure to protect your assets, family, and legacy by contacting us today to discuss your insurance needs. 

Not FDIC insured. Not Bank guaranteed. Not a Bank deposit. Not insured by any federal government agency. May lose value (if applicable).