Outdoor adventures are a summertime staple. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly activity to do with your kids or with some friends, we’ve got some top ideas to seize summer days while you’ve got them.  


Do A Fun Exercise 

Get outside for some summer fun and exercise. Enter in a 1k, 3k, or 5k with your crew or simply research local activities you can try out. You could walk, run, or possibly bike in it. During the summertime, there are many different exercise options– be sure to check out your options nearby.  


Here are some ideas to look for:  


  • Biking rides 

  • Horseback riding  

  • Tradition fun runs 

  • Mud runs 

  • Obstacle course runs 

  • Scavenger hunt activity  


Go Paddling On The Water 

If you don’t have a lake or river in your town, you most likely have one nearby. Grab a canoe or a kayak and spend the day paddling on the water. If you have young kids, you could even attach a tube to pull along or float the river altogether. Pack some snacks, cool beverages, and sunscreen then you’re set for your day.  


Camp Out  

If you don’t have plans to camp out for an evening this summer, start planning now. Enjoy the weather and the outdoors by spending an evening camping. Whether you rent a camper, pitch a tent at a local campground or design your own campsite in the backyard, you are in for ultimate outdoor adventures.  


You cannot have a campout without building a bonfire. Toast s’mores, tell stories and enjoy some campfire songs. A campfire trick to try is if you have some old Christmas lights, toss the lights over wood to create a colorful campfire.  


Plan A Summer Scavenger Hunt  

A summer scavenger hunt is a spectacular outdoor activity for a small or large group. Include family, friends, or even your neighborhood to get involved in the search. This is a great activity if you’d like to get out of the house and enjoy some local spots.  


Try A New Sport/Activity 

Get competitive this summer with an outdoor sporting activity. There are many options to go out and do, as well as some you can set up in your own backyard. Take a peek at these unique options.  


  • Axe throwing  

  • Disc. golf 

  • Glow golf 

  • Traditional golf  

  • Ping pong games 

  • Water volleyball 

  • Corn hole tournament 

  • Archery range 


Park-It Locally  

Enjoy where you live with a day at the park. There is no better way to enjoy the outdoors than to pack a picnic and visit a local park. Some of the ideas above can be combined with your day at the park. If you have a state park or trail available, research activities they host as well as group hikes to learn more about where you live.  


Summer gets busy real quick – so don’t hesitate to plan some relaxing days outside with these budget-friendly tips.