A Partnership that Benefits Southern Illinois

Banterra Bank is proud to partner with the SIU Salukis and to provide the largest corporate naming-rights agreement in the university's more-than-150-year history. Celebrate with us as we explore the multiple ways that this partnership benefits the region, such as the Banterra-SIU Saluki Visa Debit Card and the Banterra-SIU Scholarship Fund. Join us in supporting the SIU Salukis and Banterra Bank as we continue to make a positive impact in Southern Illinois! 

Transcript of the SIU Salukis Banterra Center video


On a cool, Southern Illinois night, you can capture the excitement in the air. Since 1964, people throughout the region have made their way to these steps and to this historic building. Now known as "Banterra Center," the home of Men's and Women's Basketball. Banterra Center is one of the best facilities in college basketball and the audience is passionate about their SIU Salukis. For Banterra, the region's largest locally owned bank, with locations in multiple states, we're passionate about the Salukis, too.

Jeff May, President & CEO of Banterra Bank

Partnering with SIU and the branding opportunity for the region's largest employer made perfect sense for us. The partnership includes a Banterra SIU Salukis Visa® debit card which benefits SIU scholarships which is really important to us. I would encourage all of Southern Illinois to support SIU and cheer on the Salukis.


To follow the SIU Salukis, go to www.siusalukis.com. To learn more about Banterra Bank, go to www.banterra.bank. Banterra Bank, a proud supporter of the SIU Salukis and Southern Illinois University. Member FDIC.