Creating, and maintaining a strong relationship with your bank is wise for your financial future. It's not just a place to deposit funds, but a source of valuable financial products and services to help reach your goals. Establishing a robust relationship allows trust to form between both parties, and at Banterra, we approach our customers as partners, always doing our best to support your financial goals. Continue reading to explore ways to strengthen your bank connections and to make sure Banterra is an extension of your business or personal life. 

1. Utilize All Of Your Bank’s Services 

When opening an account with your bank, it's important to explore all the products and services that your bank offers. Many banks offer a range of financial products that can help you manage your money and achieve your financial goals.  

For example, if you have a checking account, you may also be able to open a savings account, apply for a credit card, or take out a personal loan. By utilizing Banterra’s products and services, you can streamline your finances, avoid unnecessary fees, and take advantage of better rates and terms. Additionally, by having multiple accounts and services with your bank, you can build a stronger relationship and have peace of mind knowing your funds are secure. 

Banterra offers services for your personal, small business, and commercial banking needs. Find out more about how you can benefit by visiting our website! 

2. Schedule A Meeting With A Banker 

Meeting regularly with a banker allows you to establish a personal connection and better understand various products available to you. This interaction can lead to a more meaningful and trusting relationship with your bank, where you feel supported and understood in your financial journey. When meeting with your banker: 

  • Outline your financial goals  

  • Ask about the different financial products and services that are offered to help support those goals 

  • Schedule recurring meetings, when appropriate, to build upon your relationship, allowing you to revisit products and services that may be relevant to take advantage of 

Banterra has an exceptional team of experienced bankers in a variety of fields. Click here to meet with someone! 

3. Attend Bank-Sponsored Events 

Banks host a variety of events to bring the communities they serve together and foster customer engagement. These events can include seminars, workshops, networking events, and other community gatherings that most often promote financial literacy and education. By attending these events you will have the opportunity to:  

  • Meet other customers, business owners and professionals who share your interests 

  • Gain valuable insights and tips on managing your finances, investing in the market or starting a business 

  • Show you are invested in your financial future and are committed to your community 

  • Strengthen your relationship with your bank, leading to more opportunities for collaboration and support 

Banterra hosts events that benefit and bring awareness to social issues that our customers care about. See what events are coming up on our website! 

4. Refer Your Friends And Family 

Refer your friends and family to your bank. It's helpful and beneficial for both you and your loved ones. You're vouching for the bank's services and creating growth opportunities. It fosters a sense of community and trust. Referring someone who values relationships with your bank will establish trust with your banker. 

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