The spring and summer are the best time for home improvements, especially on the exterior. Whether you’re making the improvements to sell or to curate your dream home, check out these tips on how best to maximize your ROI with home improvements this year.  

Elevate The Exterior  

The exterior of your home is the first thing a potential buyer sees. Regardless of if you are selling, investing in the exterior of your home is always in your best interest. Here are the top tips for elevating your exterior.  

Replace The Roof 

If you are selling, you absolutely need to check the roof, potentially hiring an inspector to be positive. Replacing your roof draws in potential buyers. Having a sturdy roof over your head will save you in the long run and make your home more efficient.  

Upgrade The Garage Door 

The garage door has the ability to elevate the look of your home’s exterior. It takes only a few hours to install and can maximize your ROI, update the technology feature of your home, and freshen up your curb appeal.  

Add New Siding  

Replacing your siding can be a costly and long task, however, it is a great tip for improving your curb appeal and home efficiency. Replacing the siding can give your home a completely new look.  

An Addition Or Remodel 

Working with the bones of your home to either remodel or add an addition can completely transform a house into a home. In today’s market, modern and open are huge assets buyers and homeowners desire for their space.  

Deck Addition 

If you have the space and ability to add a deck to your home, you will not regret it. Adding outdoor space to enjoy is huge and adds great value to your home. Utilize the strengths of your property to choose the best fit and deck it out.  

Kitchen Remodel  

Kitchen remodels are one of the biggest tips to maximizing your ROI, and you never know, it might be the space that you end up crafting into your dream. Kitchen remodels can take time and be costly, but if that is one area you do not enjoy or you see selling in the future, a kitchen upgrade is most definitely worth your while.  

Tear Down Some Walls 

As mentioned, the style these days is very minimalistic with open floor plans. Tearing down some walls in your home can completely open your home and transform many rooms. You will not regret tearing down walls for a bigger space.  

Easy And Budget-Friendly Options 

A huge remodel or costly home improvement may not be for you.  Instead, try simple and budget-friendly ways to maximize home improvements and give you the biggest bang for your buck.   

Modern Lighting  

Lighting is a huge way to modernize and upgrade your space. Adding recess lighting or modern pendants throughout your home is an innovative way to freshen up on a budget.  

Fresh Flooring  

Flooring makes a world of difference to a room’s overall look. Consider refinishing or replacing the flooring. The great part about this tip is it isn’t an all-or-nothing task; you can go room by room.  

Bathroom Facelift  

Having an upgraded bathroom is something buyers look for. Replacing the fixtures and lighting are easy improvements to giving your bathroom the ultimate facelift. Rather than replacing the vanity, try a DIY and paint it yourself. Adding floating shelves is another way to add storage and maximize your look.  

As you jump into home improvements this year, remember to make updates and upgrades to things that best maximize your home’s look and feel. If you are needing to do some home improvements and don’t quite have the amount you need, contact Banterra Bank to discuss a home equity loan.  

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