Spring is here and it is a great opportunity to save some energy and money. Here are a few simple tips to implement to be more energy efficient as the weather warms up this spring. Following these tips is a great way to cut energy costs and save a little extra before summertime.  

Caulk And Seal Any Cracks  

This is a huge tip to saving energy during the spring. Be sure to go around your home and inspect any air leaks that need sealed, as well as caulk any windows that are allowing warm air in. Checking your windows and doors is crucial for making your home run more efficiently as the weather heats up.  

Install Window Treatments 

Once your windows are efficiently sealed, consider adding window treatments to control the sunshine peeking in. Window treatments are easy to install and will be a huge factor in making your home more efficient. Select either a window treatment or covering such as blinds, shades, or curtains. Not only will they add to the look of your home but will help you save tremendously on your energy bill.  

Service Your Air Conditioner 

Servicing your air conditioner right away in the spring can save you later on in the summer. Provide easy maintenance to your air conditioner such as replacing the air filters and checking the evaporator coil. Doing maintenance and test running your air conditioner in the early spring can save you from sweating all summer as well as lower your cooling system’s energy consumption. Save money and stay cool this summer.  

Spend More Time Outside 

What seems like a given, enjoy the spring weather and get outside. The mornings and evenings will cool off, so it is a great time to get out and exercise, relax, or even cook. Cooking outside will eliminate heating your house up as you may with an indoor oven.  

Use Ceiling Fans To Your Advantage 

Ceiling fans are a great way to cool off and move air. When you are in a room, turn the ceiling fan on to feel cooler - you can even raise your thermostat a few degrees to additionally save. The best tip for ceiling fans is to shut them off when you’re not in the room or directly near them.  

Control Spring Sunshine And Indoor Humidity  

As the weather heats up, be mindful of how much sunlight you are allowing in. Using natural light during the days is a great way to save energy and money but allowing too much in can essentially heat your house up. The same goes for humidity, when showering consider showering early on or later in the evening and having the bathroom fans on to suck out all heat and humidity. 

Thermostat Top Tips 

How you use and control your thermostat is a huge tip in conserving energy. When you are not home, boost the thermostat up a few degrees and close the window coverings. These days there are great programmable thermostats that you can efficiently schedule temperatures and when it runs. Some you can even control from your phone to better your efficiency and control day by day. Not running your air conditioner and having it set higher when you’re away can cut energy costs by nearly 10%.  

Appliances And Lighting 

How you use your appliances and lighting is a huge factor in controlling your energy use. Run your dishes and laundry in full loads to maximize usage rather than multiple small loads. Same for lighting, use minimal lighting at a time, preferably using natural lighting as much as you can. Maybe it is time to upgrade your lighting to more efficient bulbs for example.  

Apply these strategies this spring and summer to save energy and keep the costs down as the weather heats up. Most tips are cost-free and will help save you a little extra this year.  

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