The weekly or bi-weekly grocery trip can do some damage to the wallet, especially if you’re feeding a big family. The good news is that there are ways to cut down on how much you spend at the store. We have the perfect money-saving tips for you below.

1. Make A List

One of the biggest mistakes people make while going grocery shopping is going without a plan. Without a list, you’re much more likely to pick up things you don’t really need and fall into the tempting advertising traps. Before heading out the door, make a list of everything you need and stick to just what’s on that list.

2. Avoid Name-Brand

Look beyond the packaging and go for the generic brand products rather than name-brand. There’s usually little to no difference, and that dollar or two difference adds up in the end. Before going to the store, do some research and find alternative brands for your favorite products.

3. Go Straight For The Food

Most grocery stores sell more than just food. The clothes, makeup, self-care products, shoes and other items may be tempting, but avoid those areas altogether and focus on what you’re there for. Even if you go to the clothing section “just to look,” there’s a good chance you’ll end up purchasing something you don’t really need.

4. Use Coupons

Don’t throw out the Sunday paper – start saving the coupons for your next grocery trip. You can also sign up for your grocery store’s weekly emails to get coupons and weekly deals sent directly to you.

5. Grow Your Own Produce

Consider growing your produce in your very own garden. Pick a couple types of vegetables that your family eats the most and start growing your own. Not only will you get way more for much less, but gardening could become your new hobby.

Try out some of these tips the next time you get groceries and you’ll slowly start to see a big difference in how much you spend. If saving money is your current financial goal, consider opening a savings account with us.

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