There are many reasons why your energy bill tends to be so much higher in the winter compared to other seasons. Not only does the temperature drop, but you’re also spending more time at home which means higher electricity use. Plus, the energy-consuming holiday decorations can play a big part. How do you stay warm and festive this winter without draining your bank account? Here are some tips: 

Check Your Thermostat 

While it may be tempting to crank up the heat when it gets cold outside, try to keep your thermostat around 68 degrees when you’re out of the house or sleeping. If you bundle up with blankets at night, you won’t even notice the temperature change - and even a few degrees can save you a good amount of money. 

Adjust Your Water Heater 

It’s recommended for your water heater to be at 120 degrees, so double check that temperature. Not only does having it set too high waste energy, but it can also be a safety hazard. 

Seal Doors And Windows 

Replace the seals or weather strip on your windows and doors if you suspect they could be letting some cold air in. This is a simple task that can make the world of a difference, especially when those temperatures reach below freezing. 

Know When To Open And Close Blinds 

When the sun is out, open up the curtains and blinds to let the light in. Having the sun shining through the windows is a great source of natural heat. At night, be sure to close the drapes for added insulation. 

Add Rugs 

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as walking on a freezing cold floor in the winter. Laying some rugs down allows your floors to be insulated and also keeps your feet nice and warm. 

Turn Your Fans Clockwise 

Reversing your ceiling fans will push warm air downward rather than creating an airflow that cools you down. Set your fan clockwise and on a low speed to get the greatest effect. 

Keep Electronics Unplugged 

You’d be surprised how many electronics are plugged in around your house but aren’t being used. This standby power usage adds up quickly, so make sure you don’t have things plugged in if they aren’t being used. 

We hope you’re able to save some extra cash this winter by following these energy-saving tips. From our family at Banterra Bank, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year. 

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