When owning a business, you’ll need financing to start or to keep the operation running. That is where Banterra Bank comes into play. We are your business banking partner here to help keep your business running smoothly on the financial side. Banterra Bank offers several business loan options that are sure to fit your needs. 

Small Business Loans

We offer Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans. These are focused on helping owners start their business or make changes for it to thrive. Uses for SBA loans include ownership transitions, working capital needs, purchases of machinery or equipment, debt refinancing, commercial real estate purchases or starting a business from scratch. For more information on these loans and their benefits, visit here.

Small Business Lines of Credit

Maintain a steady cash flow with a Small Business Line of Credit. If your cash flow fluctuates depending on the season or any other reason, a line of credit allows you to always be comfortable financially. You only borrow as you need it, repay and borrow again, build credit and only pay interest on what you borrow. 

Agribusiness Loans

Banterra Bank is proud to work with farmers across the country to allow them to keep their operation running smoothly with an Agribusiness Loan. You can finance your farm as you grow, make improvements, purchase machinery, add breeding livestock and beyond with this type of loan.  

Business Loans 

There are many different types of business loans we can offer, so you can find something best suited to your business. Short-Term Loans, Inventory Financing, Business Acquisition Loans and Refinance or Consolidation Loans are all under this umbrella.  

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Purchase real estate for your business or farm with a Commercial Real Estate Loan. We offer the following types of loans: 

  • New Purchase Loan 

  • Refinance or Consolidation Loan 

  • Construction Loan 

  • Land Development Loan 

Equipment Financing Loans 

Banterra can provide you with a loan to get the equipment you need with an Equipment Financing Loan. You may be able to obtain a loan covering up to 100% of financing to purchase metal cutting equipment, fabrication equipment or plastic injection molding equipment.  

Banterra’s Commercial Lending Team is ready to speak with you today about your business’s needs. Feel free to reach out so we can help your business continue to flourish. 

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